The New Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch: Review and Key Smart Features

Fitbit brags about the activity tracking capabilities of Ionic, you can’t keep away from its brilliant design and functions as a smartwatch.


After gaining the top position in the fitness tracking realm, Fitbit has now made its debut in smartwatches with the Fitbit Ionic. Fitbit is the pioneer in ‘activity -racking’ and has really given some remarkable activity/fitness trackers to this world. It has a strong reputation among the global consumers and considering this fact, the new smartwatch launch thrilled everyone to the core. Ionic is indeed a masterpiece, combining the best of activity tracking and smart features.

Reading further, you will get a good idea of the highlights that Ionic has emerged with and why it will become the next souped-up gimmick in this space.

Comparison with Fitbit Blaze

Ionic is amongst us for a few weeks now. It’s available for $299.95, which is a $100 more than the Fitbit’s last flagship tracker Blaze. But most smartwatch enthusiasts have this in mind that is Ionic worth it?

And we have answers for all of them. Yes, it is because of the extended smartwatch features that the Blaze lacked.

GPS capability:  The Fitbit Ionic is a built-in GPS-tracking smartwatch that will track the related metrics like speed, distance right on the watch while Blaze will only do the needful if you carry your smartphone with you.

Music Playback: Supporting over 300 tracks on your Ionic, Fitbit has made your running and jogging much more musical, without having to take the phone along. This works with Fitbit Flyer- wires Bluetooth headphones. Conversely, the blaze doesn’t offer music in itself with the phone connection.

Contactless payments: Another major feature that Ionic boasts is the NFC’s contactless payment that unburdens the consumers to carry their phone and wallet everytime they go out. The Ionic on their wrist will work like a credit card/debit card coordinated with most credit card companies including Amex, MasterCard, Visa. This will be a perfect gear for an emergency fruit shopping or an emergency halt at Starbucks while you are out on a long run.

And there are many more specs like design, battery longevity, resistance to water and shock, notification on which the Ionic rule out, which makes it worth the price.

Ionic-  Design and Key Smart Watch Features

While Fitbit brags about the activity tracking capabilities of Ionic, you can’t keep away from its brilliant design and functions as a smartwatch.

Just as expected, Ionic is sleek and comfortable to wear.

  • Small/large wrist band size options
  • 1.4-inch, 348 x 250 resolution display
  • It has a square clock face with minimal and clean aesthetics. The back of the watch has a concave design, which makes it looks slimmer than it really is.

Using the nano-molding technology, this smartwatch by Fitbit uses a combination of plastic and aerospace-grade aluminum for a lighter and comfortable design.

Week-long battery life

Can you imagine your smartwatch living for five days without a charger?  Fitbit makes it possible!

Ionic can stay intact without any battery losses. So, if you don’t remember to charge your watch like the many others, you’re saved. The biggest advantage using a Fitbit Ionic is that you can take the tracker out for a long activity like a full-day trekking or a two-day camping with friends.


Thanks to the new dedicated swim mode in Fitbit’s Ionic. Now you can swim underwater with your smartwatch on that will constantly provide on-screen data of swimming speed, lapses per minutes and more. The brightly-lit display is an added advantage to open-water swimming. The watch is water-resistant up to 50m for swimming or diving.

Improved activity-tracking

The company has come of age in its activity trackers. And this one is superb. Ionic has been launched with some major tracking improvements. It sports a built-in heart rate monitor (which was missing in Blaze) that tracks and compares all the health data of how you performed during the workout.  It tracks your heart-rate continuously until asked to stop.

Apart from the basics including steps, distance, stairs and calories, this brand-new Fitbit is capable of tracking activities like biking, swimming, running and strength training. It has rolled out an on-demand coaching program that will provide a personal digital trainer to guide you with new workouts, diet plans and fitness goals.

Speaking of which, you can also design your own Ionic watch face for a more personalized experience.

Besides iPhone, the Ionic synchs well with Android and Windows phone.

All in all, Ionic is a great design with an attractive color display, advanced activity-tracking and extensive battery life.

If you’re a Fitbit fan, you’ll possibly make the most out of this smartwatch. Go and grab your piece before it gets out of stock.


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