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Not-to-miss Hottest Nokia 9 Rumours and Sneak-peaks

As Nokia 9 is all set to release, we bring you the latest rumours on everything you would like to know about the phone.

Hottest Nokia 9 Rumours and Sneak-peaks

Rumours are a common thing whenever any new phone is to be launched in the market. The same thing happened when Nokia 8 was to be launched. Among all the rumours was the talk that Nokia would be launching this smart phone in two sizes. But later all these talks proved to be wrong and the mouths of the people were shut when the phone was launched in its present form and shape. Now the latest rumours in the market are about the new phone Nokia 9. In this article we’ll talk about details related to the features and working of Nokia 9.

About the name ‘Nokia 9’

It was in early 2017 that the name Nokia 9 first appeared. At that time, it was used interchangeably along with Nokia 8. It was not quite sure what name would be given to the new Nokia phone. Only when the Nokia 8 was launched in August 2017, the things became clearer. It was now very clear that it was Nokia 8 and not Nokia 9 which was being talked about. But even the launch of Nokia 8 did not clear the market of the air about Nokia 9. The features of the phone which was talked of as Nokia 9 still persisted. This made people think that there might be another version of Nokia 8, maybe Nokia 8 plus. This proposition wasn’t true, and Nokia 9 still exists as the new flagship smart phone by Nokia. You’ll find a plenty of people talking about Nokia 9 on the Internet and social media.

The major hardware and software specifications of Nokia 9

Among some of the major sneak-peaks it is claimed that the phone would run on Android 7.1. Further, it is being talked that Nokia 9 will have a battery of 3800mAh. Also, the processor on which it works will be quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 if it gets launched in 2017. If the launching of the phone gets delayed to March 2018, then the processor might be an upgraded version. Nokia 9 will also include a microSD slot and will have memory up to 64 or 128 GB. The Nokia 9 tipped to come with a single SIM (GSM) slot. Connectivity options are said to include Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, 3G and 4G.

The design and build of Nokia 9

There are some pictures shared on the Internet which reveals the look of Nokia 9. According to these leaks, we’ll tell you what the new Nokia 9 looks like. The 3D renditions of the phone available on the Internet show that this phone will have a design similar to that of the Samsung phone. Also, it has a metal core which looks more or less like that of a glass in the front and the back. The dimensions that have been revealed by the rumours are 140.9mm x 72.9mm x 7.5 mm. This 7.5 mm extend to 8.9mm due to the camera bump. The length 140.9mm is also under doubt. This is because it is quite less for a 5.5-inch display phone. We are not much sure about the resolution of the phone whether it is 16:9 or 18:9. Therefore, it becomes quite difficult to guess its true length. So, there can always be ups and downs in the measurements of this phone. Many of these rumours have been out because of the designers who are assigned the task of designing the mobile covers and cases when it is launched.

The display and the camera

Rumours all over the world suggest that Nokia 9 is going to be larger than the Nokia 8. It is believed to be around 5.5 or 5.7-inch display. Rumours also suggest that the resolution of the screen would be somewhere around 2560 x 1440. It is also being said that Nokia 9 will have an OLED display. Along with all these amazing display features sources also confirm that this phone will have curved edges.

Talking about the camera in Nokia 9 we are sure that Nokia will carry forward its partnership with Zeiss which it made while manufacturing the camera for Nokia 8. d We are expecting the same quality of the cameras in both these phones, i.e. 13 MP rear and 13 MP front camera. The camera is rumoured to allow optical zoom with wide-angle shots or could have entirely something new to offer.

Other claims

One of the Russian websites claims that Nokia 9 will incorporate some other unique features which make it waterproof. Also, the phone would be equipped with 3D audio recording, an iris scanner, and a fingerprint scanner. People in the market are also talking that Nokia 9 will be more premium in looks and design as compared to that of Nokia 8. Some people have shared the images of Nokia 9 on the social media and these designs are somewhat close to the ones shared by the websites that compare various phones. Thus, there is a degree of corroboration among the two sources. This may lead us to believe that there is some truth in these rumours.

With all these features in mind, the rumoured price of Nokia 9 appears to be $699 and the release is expected to be in 2017 itself.