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LunaR: World’s First Solar-Powered Smartwatch is a Good Bet

The world's first solar-powered smartwatch comes in the form of LunaR on Kickstarter with plenty of amazing features and a chic design.

LunaR Solar Powered Smartwatch

One of the biggest problems that users face while using a smartwatch is the short-term internal battery. The standard battery can anytime run out of juice, which becomes a headache after some time. But the technology experts won’t let you stop buying your favorite device just ‘because of the reason. They have come up with a brilliant solution to this small battery power- it’s a solar energy smartwatch- LunaR

The latest smartwatch comes in the form of LunaR on Kickstarter, which is world’s first solar-powered watch with plenty of features and a chic design. With the next-generation proprietary technology, LunaR is made up of a transparent solar panel that will harvest the power from the sun and artificial (indoor) light, which keeps it charged almost everytime.

Having its name from the moon and working on the solar power technology, LunaR is inspired by the perpetual cycle of the sun and the moon, as mentioned by Gavin Brown, Chief Designer of LunaR. He further added, “We created a device that combines the appealing look of a classic wristwatch with the functionality of a modern smartwatch. And because it captures both natural and artificial light, you could go years without ever needing to charge it.”

Superb, right? One device that you don’t have to charge every night!

Typical watch lovers and smartwatch enthusiasts both will love this masterpiece because of it’s time-honored and neat design details. Its solar-powered 110 lithium-polymer mAH battery seems to redefine the future of battery management in smart devices. The capabilities of LunaR include receive text notification, manage social media and calls, monitor health and everyday lifestyle like calories, sleep data, number of steps walked, distance and others.

Being the first-ever solar-powered smartwatch, the glass solar panel has been developed by the world’s leading solar company Sunpartner Technologies. Though the watch doesn’t exhibit any fancy stuff like a digital assistant or all that extravagance, this is a sensible buy as it is water resistant up to 50 meters.  And guess what? It also alerts the user to the amount of time left to get the watch charged, by tracking the sunrise and sunset times.

Early Kickstarter can buy the LunaR Hybrid Mechanical Smartwatch a2 $239. It is expected to ship this Q4 of 2017, i.e., by the month of December.