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Latest Updates on Apple’s Rumored Siri Speaker

Apple's rumored Siri Speaker

As per the latest buzz, Apple is going to introduce Siri Speaker after almost three years of anticipations. And as per the reports it could still take time to unveil as the voice-control system is not yet tied to its mobile software.

In the past, we have seen that the voice-control speakers like Google Home and Amazon Echo have helped us extensively in unifying different connected devices. These worked as an access point for controlling devices and by providing standalone speakers it still makes it to be a better option compared to Apple’s iOS that has not yet managed to have it.

But, looking at Apple’s past gigs and its reputation as a leading technology solution provider you can expect things to happen quite quickly with great detailing and fine results. With its iOS 10 Home app and Siri coming together, we can expect it to deliver best of services in the segment. And, with that turning out to be true, Apple will be soon ruling the highly-promising niche of smart home technologies.

Though we should wait for the things to first roll out and take some evident shape, and we will be able to speculate better about the outcomes.


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