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Uber is Taking its Cars to the Sky- Will Arrive by 2020

Flying Uber Taxi

“The right idea will fly”

The axiom holds so true for the largest cab booking service-Uber as it is up for something magnificent, that was just a prediction until now. They’re really going to fly now.

After the concept of driverless cars, Uber has announced its flying plansto the world. Not satisfied with giving rides on the land, Uber is all set to touch the sky. The company acclaimed to demonstrate it in Dubai and Dallas by 2020. They have revealed a handful of partnerships with some top-notch aviation companies with the world.

While there have been various cab services started in the world, the prime mover like Uber can’t stay on the same idea. They had to bring something extraordinary to the table, and that’s what they unveiled in the latest ‘Uber Elevate’ Summit this Tuesday.

So, we’ll now be seeing Uber aircraft. That’s interesting!

flying taxi

As per the announcements, the kind of aircraft Uber foresees, commuting passages in the air, will be flying 100 miles in just 40 minutes.

If that sounds too quixotic, you must start believing because that’s going to be real, I guess (a brand like Uber can be trusted).

Uber teams with the agency named Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)that will take care of all the federal safety regulations and find out why and how will these cars fit in the complex air traffic controller system.

Following the theory ‘when all think alike, no one is thinking,’ Uber Chief Product Office, Jeff Holden said, “If you’re not planting the seeds for 5-10 years out, you have no company in five to 10 years.”
Uber already revealed its technical vision for how the flying cars, technically named as vertical takeoff and landing Vehicles (VTOL), will make transportation incredibly swift and affordable.

Known for its disruptive technology and explosive growth, this on-demand service company has lived a fascinating journey so far, and this time, it’s the implausible- taking off high in the skies with a hybrid concept of cars and airplanes.

uber flying taxi

Speaking of business, Uber believes that investing in flying cars is essential for the company, and visualizes launching its full-scale operations of an airborne car network by 2023.

To translate their idea in real by 2020 as promised, experts at Uber have begun their work as they joined hands with real estate companies Hillwood Properties and Dubai Holding in Texas and UAE, respectively. These property multinational swill help Uber to identify locations for building vertiports. The company would initially need 1,000 aircraft and 83 vertiports to serve three-four cities.

But as usual, megacorps like Uber can’t sneak away from the market competition. Monday morning, Airbus, the French aviation giant announced its own plan for creating air taxis. Also, Kitty Hawk, the new flying car company backed by Google Founder Larry Page, released their video of an electric flying vehicle to go on sale this year.

Let’s see who wins to capitalize on advances in electric power and artificial intelligence.

Wish and hope we allbe thefortunate ones to see the Uber demo cars flying 2020