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Now it is Easy to Track Your Kids Using This Smart watch

Now you have a smartwatch to seamlessly track your kids!

Track Your Kids Using Smart watch

Every parent wants to take the best care of their kids at any age. And mostly when they are in a growing up age, they are most concerned. Where they are right now, is probably the most common question that comes to parent’s mind and keeps haunting them till the kid is not around them.

Well not any more, a Delhi-based wearable technology company Leaf Wearables has come up with an Indian reply to this with a never-before smartwatch ‘SAFER kids’ that keeps them ever-connected with the apple of their eyes.

So, with that, now you no more need to worry where your kids are at the moment with this smartwatch – that is meant to deliver you the complete facility to keep a track of your kids and update you in real-time.

Priced at INR 4799/- the smartwatch allows kids and parents to connect with 7 pre-programmed phone numbers. Parents can call their kids and track their current location to seamlessly be assure of their safety at any time, on the move!

The device is available on Amazon. And the ‘SAFER kids’ app can be downloaded for both iOS and Android from their respective app stores.