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Apple’s Digital Assistant to See the Light of Day, Soon

Apple’s Digital Assistant

After years of existence of digital assistants, Amazon’s Echo home speaker and Google Home, the Cupertino-based technology company, Apple is reported to be on the same path with its own creation that’s in production since last year.

With design being almost ready and launch being not too far either, the tech giant will take on the rivals and it would certainly be one heck of a battle. The news came from one of the most reliable sources who is known to be the master when it comes to Apple leaks. He is none other than Sonny Dickson, a blogger from Australia who recently tweeted of Apple being working on the smart assistant based on Siri.

The tweet read as, “Apple is currently finalising designs for their Alexa competitor, expected to be marketed as a Siri/AirPlay device.”

He further added that the newly built digital assistant is expected to have some form of Beats technology while running an iOS variant. With this, it can be inferred that touchscreen would be a part of the device, which is something Amazon’s Echo doesn’t have. The inclusion of touchscreen is a well-thought move by the company as it would not only make the things easier to control but also due to the fact that Amazon is rumored to be working on its next-gen Echo that is likely to have a screen.

Since the launch of Siri with iPhone 4S, it was then thought that company might put its power into a hardware piece similar to what we see in Echo. But, no rumors circulated. However, this time around with tweets coming, it seems that everything is set and the competition level is likely to be raised with three tech giants duking it out for the crown.

With the Siri-based assistant, it would all be easy-peasy from playing a track from your music library to booking an appointment with the doctor. Just call out for help and let it handle the proceedings. It might get capabilities of controlling your connected home as well tinged with Apple’s technology. How cool would it be?

The expectations from Apple are high due to the standards already set by Amazon and Google. Time will reveal how attractive it is and what makes it stand out from the existing devices, till then all we can do is wait.

Apart from this, Amazon has unveiled a hands-free and voice-activated camera, Echo Look, which is a kind of fashion assistant that’ll show how your outfits look in full-length snaps. Wonder if this too is on the cards for Apple or may be Google.


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