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The Roku Streaming Stick Plus- A 5 on 5 Rating

Roku Streaming Stick Plus is the best value compatible streamer, power-packed with voice remote and TV player.

Roku Streaming Stick Plus Review

Newbie in the town, Roku Streaming Stick Plus gets a perfect five rating for its immaculate performance as a set-top box. It gets a 9.2 overall rating on CNET on the various parameters including design, ecosystem, performance, features and value. Roku has indeed become the most popular of all, surpassing Apple, Amazon and Google.

What’s so special about Roku?

It streams the best-quality 4K HDR video performing as powerful as a set-top box. Sporting an advanced wireless receiver to get going in weaker Wi-Fi areas, this streamer from Roku has been seen responding at the speed of light.  This is a high-end stick that offers best-in-class search capabilities.

The streamer comes with a separate remote and works smoothly with a remote app. The quad-core processor and HDR10 support are the reasons to rejoice for all those TV and movie lovers.  Roku has by far the best interface on any streaming device, which clearly condones to this five-star rating.

Roku uses a supplied cable for drawing power, i.e., houses a wireless amplifier to strengthen the Wi-Fi signals when they are weak and out of range. If we talk about the design, one end of the stick is HDI plug that directly goes into the back of the TV, AV amp or projector. You can’t use the Roku Stick without the ‘receiver cable.’

4K HDR videos from Netflix, YouTube, Amazon are easily supported by this Roku Plus variant. When you connect the stick to your TV, you’ll find that the homepage is fully customizable and self-explanatory, which allows you to choose from the various options of watching 4k movies, 4k videos, TV or channels.

Roku’s My Feed Service and headphone private listening are a gamechanger. It provides a cross-platform app search with results sorted by price from Vudu, Amazon, Google Play and even iTunes. You can watch movies on-demand whenever you feel like. Its easy-to-use and has a neat interface with extensive app support.

We bet you’ll fall for the design, speed and stability with which this streaming device works. But it now at £79.99.