Netgear Hotspot Router- Get Ready to Experience Twice the Speed of LTE

The hotspot router with 5G streaming capabilities will let you experience the online world at twice the speed of LTE.


The Netgear Nighthawk is the first mobile hotspot router that will be compatible with AT&T’s 5G Evolution network and will offer you twice as fast as the speed of regular LTE. This means you could now do anything while you are on-the-go than sitting in front of your workstation in the office or at home. It provides a secure mobile Wi-Fi experience, which is set to roll out in select US cities.

The initial serviceable areas for the company are Austin and Indianapolis as 5G Evolution connectivity is still very limited. However, AT&T plans to roll it out on the nationwide scale by late 2018.

The Netgear Nighthawk device comes with a 5040 mAh battery that’s capable of keeping you connected for the entire day. You can connect up to 20 Wi-Fi enabled devices to the mobile hotspot router and take the compact-sized device with you wherever you go including your travel destinations, weekend gateways and more. The company officials quoted that “It gives you the convenience of a mobile hotspot and function of a portable mobile router.”

There is not much which you are required to do in order to set it up and connect your devices. Just power it up and you are ready to connect multiple devices. The settings and features of the device can be managed online. It is loaded with advanced security features like password-protected Wi-Fi, parental control and SIM security that lets you select which devices can access the connection.

You are entitled to offload via Wi-Fi or Ethernet whenever you feel like to save your data plan usage. Plus, there is a JumpBoost feature that can charge your smartphones and small USB devices while you on the move.

The rolling out of devices will start this Friday. You can buy the hotspot router online at the company’s official website or at a retail outlet.

The promotions are also on. If you purchase the device with a 2-year contract, then you’d be required to pay $49.99. This offer is limited and will be available through December 7th, 2017.


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