Age of Empires IV is Coming

Get on your horses and pull out your swords as the battle is about to begin with the brand-new release announced for Age of Empire IV.


If you are a millennial and own a PC, it is almost certain that you have played Age of Empire at least once in your life. If yes, there is a good chance that you are hooked onto it. Because it’s the time to celebrate as the legacy game is all set to get a reboot.

The historical, strategy-based game is now almost 20 years old and yet ignites the same thrill in both casual and hardcore gamers. Keeping in mind the demand of the gaming community, its maker Relic Entertainment recently announced that Age of Empires IV is under production and will soon hit the desktop screens. While there is no release date scheduled for now, you can expect it any time in the start of 2018.

This launch of the real-time war strategy game-critically acclaimed for its graphics and AI, will be the fourth installment that has till date sold over 20 million copies.

Though there is no confirmation if the game will be a major overhaul with new concepts or an improvement over the previous versions, the graphical teaser does hint at the inclusion of classic armies including Native Americans, British Redcoats, Roman legionnaires, Japanese samurai, among others.

So, if you too are a die-hard fan of this franchise, stay tuned for the next major announcement about Age of Empires IV, as we will keep you posted with the latest related updates.


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