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Tile’s New Tracker is Waterproof and Has Doubled its Search Range

tile's waterproof tracker

So are you one of those forgetful souls that no matter how hard you try, you can’t remember where you left your wallet or keys? Or maybe you are going on a trip and don’t like the idea of missing your luggage or your favorite camera.

Whatever be the case, you can now relax and take a sign as we have got this wonderful gadget- a tracker to be more precise- to make your life simpler and take your mind off that constant worry of losing your things.

You may have heard of Tile- the maker of a thin-square-shaped tracker, that you can tag to anything you don’t want to miss. These Bluetooth-enabled gadgets that earlier had a range of searching around 100 feet can now track your objects for the double range. All you need to do is tag these trackers as accessory in your luggage, laptops, camera, or simply put it in your wallet, and you can access the app Top Track on your smartphones and ring the item when out-of-sight, even underwater.

No that doesn’t mean you should lose all hopes if your valuable are lost beyond 200 feet as Tile has consolidated its entire community on one platform, which means whenever your device is near another Tile user, you will be notified of the exact location. Also, it now supports home assistants like Google Home and Amazon Echo, using which, you can issue voice-command to your virtual assistants to find your missing objects. It’s as simple as just shouting “OK Google, ask Tile to ring my wallet.”

The 37.5mm x 37.5mm x 5.9mm Tile ring comes in two color variants- black and white. You can buy them at $35 each or $60 for a pack of two. Also, if you are already using an earlier version of Tile, you can exchange them at just $25 from Amazon.com.