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Sleep Gadgets: From Soothing Sleep to Pleasant Morning

Sleep Gadgets
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It starts with fitness bands when we first wake up and go out for a workout, then it’s computers in the office, tablets and smart televisions when we get back, and not to forget smartwatches and smartphones that run parallel all along- technology has penetrated and subsequently transformed every aspect of our life, right? Actually, No. If you look closer, there is still one-third of our lives completely untouched by technology, primarily because we can’t do much while we are asleep. But that doesn’t imply that technology too can’t assist us in that period and that is the reason we have been witnessing a constant inflow of smart gadgets to the most intimate space of our lives- bedrooms.

Sleep Gadgets
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If surveys and studies are to be believed, over one-third of Americans do not get adequate sleep, which apart from the obvious loss of productivity, also results in a wide range of chronic diseases. It also goes on to point that long exposure to digital screens is in fact the main reason behind the deteriorating quality and quantity of sleep we get. And if we go a step further, most of the people are either oblivious to the sleeping disorders like snoring and excessive twitching, or find it embarrassing to share. But thankfully, tech companies haven’t been sleeping and after years of research and development, have realized that sleeping at is very core, is a purely scientific phenomena and can be easily altered through a variety of technologies that they have come to master.

So behold the smart pillow if you happen to snore. Or maybe try that smart bed that adjusts accordingly while you twitch in your dreams. There are today a myriad of gadgets you can deploy in and around your bed to help you exploit most out of your sleeping hours and feel rejuvenated every morning.

Depending upon how much money you are willing to invest (i.e, how much you think your sleep is worth) and sleeping disorders you have, you can opt for those Zig pillows by REM-Fit or the complete solution from Sleep Number- all ranging from several hundred to thousands of dollars. And make no mistake, as much as these gadgets are for personal convenience and assistance, they are rapidly gaining ground in the premium segment to be considered as the new status symbol. Also, if you aren’t yet ready to go such extremes and are interest in just monitoring your sleep patterns, you should consider the Beddit’s (now acquired by Apple) sleep monitor device, that you can place under your sheets to track your heart rate, temperature, movement, snoring, and sleep duration- all of which you can analyze the next morning on a connected app.

Sleep Gadget
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Though there is no doubt that these gadgets will eventually be adopted by masses and integrate themselves in our daily lives, there are still many who are not comfortable with them invading their beds just yet. And for those skeptics, there are many other lite gadgets, that though not as effective as described above, can still make a huge difference to the overall quality of sleep.

The most common of such gadgets is the smart lighting system by Phillips that works with smart home assistants like Nest and Alexa to customize the color and brightness of lights and responds according to the sun. And if you wish to start with something even smaller and cheaper, Sensor wake has the perfect gadget for you. How do you like the idea of waking up to your favorite smell instead of those monotonous alarms and irritating vibrations? The $99 olfactory alarm clock comes with a variety of scent options, including strong espresso, for you to start a refreshing morning.