Early Access to ‘Fortnite’ for PC, Xbox One and PS4 is Now Available

After a long wait, almost six years, Fortnite from the Epic Games’ clan is finally here. Here’s how you can play it.


The long wait for the game is finally over. As said by Epic’s CEO sometime in 2016 that “it’s a game that takes time to get right”. So, finally they have put it right and it’s now out in the wild.

It has been released in the Early Access mode for PC, Xbox One and PS4 while its full free-to-play version will be released sometime in 2018. The current playable version of the game is paid, but its excitement and interest of users is such that more than 500,000 copies have already been sold, as tweeted by Fortnite’s creative director, Darren Sugg.

Fortnite Game Packs

The game is currently available in different packs namely Standard, Deluxe, Super Deluxe and Limited Edition, which cost $40, $60, $80 and $150 respectively. The Standard pack includes the game, loot packs and cosmetic packs access while others come with additional heroes, weapons and advanced tools.

The game was first revealed back in December 2011 and was on the list of highly anticipated games of the upcoming year then. However, due to several revisions, it went through over the years, its official release got delayed.

Fortnite is a monster defense game that enables you to team up with other online players and collaboratively build huge defensive walls that’ll help you keep from nomadic warriors. You can loot, deploy various tricks to build the fortifications that keep you safe and secure from the incoming aggressive hordes.

Trailer of the game released lately showed the spectacular exhibition of tribes, heroes, buildings and more along with the combat techniques you, as a player need to bring into play.

Despite the enforced pricing scheme its sales haven’t been affected. It looks like the game will grow even bigger in attracting users towards its camp once it releases in full. However, its official release will keep us waiting till early 2018 when it’ll be free-to-play. Till then all we can do is wait or you can opt from various available paid packs to experience its grandeur.


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