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ORII Voice Powered Smart Ring is Here

In a time where majority of our lives are spent staring screens, the ORII smart ring is a refreshing change that requires only voice for all such tasks.

ORII Voice Powered Smart Ring

Do you know what’s common between a smartphone and a smartwatch? They are both “smart”! And why exactly are they called smart? It’s because of their ability to do something more than their core purposes something unique than making calls for phones and keeping track of time for watches.

So, what exactly is the purpose of a ring? And more importantly, if it performs more tasks than intended, can it be called a smart ring? If yes, then Congrats! we can now add rings to our long and growing list of “smart” gadgets.

Developed and launched by Origami labs, this ring works just like we have all seen in Sci-fi movies, place a finger near your ear to talk to others. The Bluetooth-enabled gadget uses bone-conduction technology to divert calls from your phone straight to your ears when you touch them.

orii smart ring for smartphone

Housing dual microphones and support for AI assistants like Siri and Google Assistant, the gadget comes handy when you are on-the-move. From the simplest of tasks of making calls and reading a text to deploying those assistants for more complex functions like taking a note or sharing a post on Twitter, everything can be done without pulling out your phone from the pocket and looking to the screen.

Now, since putting on a ring in itself is a sign of utmost commitment, and to ensure you don’t stand out as a nerd when you commit to this gadget, ORII smart ring has been designed and refined to match the trendiest style statements. Carved in anodized aluminum, this scratch-resistant and splash-proof sleek gadget come in three color variants to complement different tastes. From your morning workout sessions to your late-night meetings, this smart companion can serve both as a fashion accessory and a productivity tool to keep you ahead of the curve.

ORII Voice Powered Smart Ring

Image Source: (Kickstarter.com)


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