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Upcoming Laptops in India 2018 With Expected Price and Launch

If none of the laptops in the market are apt for your needs, here are 5 upcoming laptops from HP, Apple, Asus, and more in 2018 that might.


As the smartphones are now an integral part of our personal lives, the same can be said about laptops on the professional front. So if you are looking for a new workhorse that is portable-enough and can even handle all your entertainment needs, these are the upcoming laptops in India that we all are excited to see and will hopefully match all your needs:

HP Specter 15

hp spectre 15

If you search for the best laptops in the market, it is almost certain that you will find HP Specter 13 somewhere on the top. The convertible is simply gorgeous, powerful, and compact- everything one expects from a notebook. Now it is coming in a bigger form-factor- with a 15-inch screen. Built on a carbon-fiber chassis, the device packs the Intel’s Kaby Lake CPU and AMD’s Vega graphics processor- a combination powerful enough to breeze through all resource-hungry tasks. Plus, there is also a 4K display to make things look spectacular. While there is a release date fixed, for now, it is expected to hit the stores in coming months or two with a price tag of around $1,300.

MacBook (13-inch)

macbook air 13 inch

There is no way you can talk about laptops without mentioning MacBook because of the sheer number of fans it has with a parallel number of critics. As you would expect, none of the regular Macs like Air or Pro are going to get an update this year but rumors are doing the rounds that Apple is working on an entirely new entry-level Mac lineup. The device is tipped to be a 13-inch notebook and priced somewhere around $1000 (yes, that’s the definition of entry-level for Apple). Except that will it be co-powered by Apple’s home-grown processor coupled with Intel’s CPU, there aren’t many details at this point and we will know for sure only when it releases in coming months.

HP Envy x2 (2018)

HP Envy x2

We have been hearing about the prospects of always-connected PCs for a while now and HP Envy x2 might just be one of the finest of devices in the said format. The detachable 2-in-1 device comes with a 12.3-inches FHD screen and is powered either by Intel processor or Qualcomm’s SoC, just like most of the smartphones are- with all the modems and connection ports built into the processor. This means when you don’t feel like typing on the standard keyboard, just pull that screen off and get started with a stylus.

Asus NovaGo

Asus NovaGo

This is another one of those always-connected PCs that bring the convenience of portability and utility of Windows operating system. Powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835 chipset, this 13-inch convertible offers a staggering battery-backup of 22 hours- enough to last almost 2 days! Plus, given these devices are always connected, they will download your emails and you can use its ports even when it’s switched off. At just 0.6-inch thick, the sleek device is expected to go on sale starting $599.

Lenovo Yoga 520

Lenovo Yoga 520

This convertible from Lenovo is simply built to impress. For its top configuration, the device comes with an FHP IPS display, i7 processor, 16GB RAM, 2TB storage, GeForce 940 MX processor, and an impressive 10 hours of battery life. With multiple color variants available, the mentioned model will retail at around $1,300.


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