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iOS 12.1 Attention! Apple to Bring New iOS update with 70 New Emoji

Love using various Emoji in your chat? Well there’s a massive update coming your way in iOS 12.1


Today, we all love emoji during the chat. In short, we can say that without emoji chat doesn’t complete. Keeping in mind this special user need, Apple today has confirmed regarding its upcoming update, iOS 12.1 that will come with 70 new emoji.

First, these emoji will be seen in iPhones and iPads and after that, it will be available on the Apple Watch and Macbooks. The iOS 12.1 will be applicable for iOS, macOS, and watchOS.

Apart from packing in an array of new characters with red hair, gray hair, and curly hair, there’s a brand new emoji for bald people. The smiley faces now are more emotive and there is a boatload of emoji for animals, sports and food. Unfortunately, this will make the wait harder but if you have registered as an Apple developer, you can download the public beta preview of iOS 12.1 and check them before the worldwide release.

With iOS 12.1 Apple wants to go even more global and to ensure that they have included new emoji for moon cake, red gift envelope, and nazar amulet. We are absolutely thrilled to try out these new emoji characters and will tell you more once we do. Until then it’s back to donning the dinosaur face on iMessages.