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Apple iPhone X vs Samsung Galaxy Note 9: Dual-camera Showdown

Whether iOS or Android, if you are looking to get a flagship, read this comparison iPhone X vs. Samsung Galaxy Note 9 first


Before Apple releases its new device next week, iPhone X is still the top offering from Apple and Galaxy Note 9 from Samsung is perhaps the flag bearer from Android’s side. Let’s pitch them against each other and see which one comes out on the top:

iPhone X vs Galaxy Note 9 – Design

This is one aspect where iPhone X beats all other phones hands down owing its refreshing design- something that has even become quite controversial. But Galaxy Note 9 too has a special trick up its sleeves- the stylus. Like notch in iPhone X, the stylus too has its set of hardcore fans and critics but the point remains that both these phones bring something unique.

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iPhone X vs Galaxy Note 9 – Performance

We have reached such a stage that it isn’t even worth comparing the performance of flagships. There isn’t a single application or game that these devices won’t glide through without breaking a sweat. You, of course, get down to comparing their chipsets- A11 vs Snapdragon 845 but raw benchmark scores don’t really represent real-world performance. They both are fast, period.

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iPhone X vs Galaxy Note 9 – Dual Camera

Now, this is something interesting. iPhone X is now almost a year old and in the meanwhile Android market has been flushed with dual-camera phones. Even $100 phones now have them but its true competitor Pixel 2 still runs a single camera. The closest competition it has is from Galaxy Note 9’s dual camera (we don’t count Huawei). So let’s see how they stack up against other:

In terms of pixel count, cameras on both these phones are exactly the same- 12MP+12MP. The Galaxy Note 9 borrows its camera from Galaxy S9- which received partially better rating than iPhone X from DX o Mark and applied some screen optimization. Both the camera also has the same set of features including slow motion recording, optical image stabilization, among others.

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But they have a few notable differences as well that pop up in the final results. Galaxy Note 9 for instance, uses a dual aperture- that lets in more light, and thus is able to create better low-light photos. It also has pro-mode that lets users tweak all the detailed settings to take the best possible pictures- but this might overwhelm casual users.

iPhone X, on the other hand, applies optimization in the background to create more refined images. The effect of their approach- screen optimization vs. background optimization appears when you take your photos outside your phone- i.e on a laptop or a paper. While pictures look equally impressive on their devices, pictures of iPhone X look much better on other screens.

For videos, both the phones are again almost on a tie. Both of them can shoot 4K videos, can shoot slow-motion videos (Galaxy Note 9 even has a super motion mode), and bring out quite impressive clips. You might find the videos from iPhone X to be a bit smoother or the videos of Galaxy Note 9 a bit corrected, but that’s such minute details that no one even notices.

The key aspect here is that the iPhone X is a year old device- with its successor set to launch the next week, but still manages to match or even beat a newer Galaxy Note 9.

iPhone X vs Galaxy Note 9 – Price

The base model of both the devices has the exact same price tag- $999. The top model of iPhone X with 256GB storage costs $1,149 while the top variant of Galaxy Note 9 with 512GB storage costs $1,250. So if you are on the Android team, go ahead and get yourself a Galaxy Note 9 and we promise you won’t be disappointed. For those of Apple devotees, we highly recommend to wait a week for the new iPhone X. We’ve heard it might have a triple camera- which if true, will definitely put it way ahead of the competition.


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