Amazon’s New Echo Look – A Voice-Controlled Camera for Fashion Tips


Brands like Amazon are ever-evolving with their strategies, their own product line, improving customer shopping experiences, launching new connected technology, stirring advertisements and promotions and much more. Amazon does the implausible- and this time it’s the launch of a Personal Style Assistant.

Extending its assistive home touch cum speaker-Echo, Amazon has now fused a Look Camera into the same device making it smarter than ever before. It will now work as your personal style assistant and act like a standalone selfie machine, saving you from the burdens of holding your smartphone and taking selfies while trying new outfits.

Smart as a whip, this new device has a built-in camera for taking photos and recording videos. The camera is capable of taking full-length photos of you.It consists of a fashion tool that helps users choose their outfits, can blur the background thereby focusing on your clothing choices. Enable by a microphone and speaker, it works as a voice assistant and tells you does that suit you.

Isn’t’ it interesting? Especially for the lone shoppers.

You can order your favorite denim online, try it out at home and take advice from your personal stylist- Echo Look Camera. What more convenience do you expect while shopping- no long queues, no payment security issues, no delivery charges and then no searching for a perfect advisor; it’s so easy.

Devised on the concept of artificial intelligence and machine learning, this Amazon device provides you rational results taking advice from fashion experts. It features a ‘Style Check’ service (a feature of Echo Look app) that even provides feedback as a critic about your outfit preferences. The color, the size, the style, the fit- you are judged on everything. Certainly, a better advisor than your husband ladies 😉

Expanding their audience reach, Amazon’s Echo Look app will also provide recommendations for various styles to adopt, using their own products and thus, presenting a revenue stream for the company. Having the base of Alexa function, the device will allow users to check the weather outside to ensure that they’re properly dressed for the day. It also combines all the features of Echo Dot and standard Echo.

It is available at $199.99 at Amazon store.

Amazon is also set to develop an Echo with a screen aimed at using in the kitchen.

We won’t be surprised to see a lot more advanced features of ‘Style Check’ in the weeks and months ahead.