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Here is How Samsung’s New Smartspeaker can Beat Echo, HomePod, and Home

Samsung has just announced its new smart home speaker featuring its Bixby assistant. But in an intensely competitive market, here is how it can succeed.

Samsung Galaxy Home Bixby

After smartphones, the battle in smart speaker segment is heating up with all the Tech titans including Apple, Amazon, Google, and even Microsoft and Alibaba to some extent eyeing to capture the nascent market. And recently at its event, Samsung took everyone by surprise by throwing its hat in the ring as well with its own smart speaker housing its homegrown digital assistant Bixby.

At a time when three of its competitors- Echo, Home, and HomePod have been in the market for years, the prospects of these new speakers seem bleak at best. That said, if there is one company that can match those tech behemoths in terms of sheer resources and tech expertise, it ought to be Samsung. Because the company hasn’t yet unveiled any details of the upcoming speakers, would love to seize this opportunity to lay out a kind of wishlist that may propel the device to success:

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Bring Google Assistant To Assist Bixby

While it is totally reasonable for Samsung wanting to create its own ecosystem, it’s simply not feasible at this point. First, its way too late and second, even its Bixby assistant is currently available on its top-end phones. To compensate for both the laggings, it must take also support Google Assistant in its device- which caters to a wide user base. There are speakers that support multiple digital assistants already and the task should be easy to implement given Samsung’s close ties with Google.

Sounds Good

Yes, they are smart but they are nonetheless speakers and can make or break deal for many customers. Google’s Home seems to have done a pretty good job in this regard, something Samsung must match. Luckily, it does hold an ace in this regard- Harman, the globally renowned speaker maker is owned by the company, which may prove instrumental in its attempt to offering a superior audio experience.

Competitive Price

As mentioned previously, the smart speaker market is flushed with offerings from the three tech behemoths along with many third-party speaker makers. In such a scenario, a competitive price tag is the least the company can do to give its device an upper edge. The smaller devices from Echo can cost as low as $20 while the standard version costs around $200. That’s exactly where Samsung’s Home speakers should be placed if it wishes to gain a wide appeal.

Beyond these three highlights, we are pretty sure that the upcoming speaker would also have a host of tricks and gimmicks up its sleeves to catch market attention.


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