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Top 5 Rugged Phones You Can Buy for Seniors

Top 5 Rugged Phones You Can Buy for Seniors

Smarphones are no doubt incredible devices with countless features of productivity and entertainment, but they aren’t meant for everyone. While the youngsters may find it simple to operate these phones and hundreds of apps within, it can be quite challenging and often impossible task for the elderly who either lack the capability or interest in such technologies. The phone manufacturers too are aware of this fact and for that reason have come up with devices particularly aimed at such audiences. Here is a list of 5 such devices you can buy for seniors to makes their lives a bit easier:

1. Philips Xenium X2566

Housing a very simplistic software, this device is packed with all features that seniors might need. As large fonts and one-touch unlock make it easy to operate, the one-touch torch and dual-sim support enable it to be more productive. Philips Xenium X2566 with a month-long battery standby also has SOS facility to make quick calls in an emergency.

Key highlight: Digital text magnifier

2. Mitashi Play Senior Friend AP103

This is the only phone in the list with a touch display and thus makes it much easier to navigate through menu for any task. The smartphone with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity has two sim slots and sufficient memory for other entertainment choices. The few but prominent icons used in the 5-inch display has an added advantage that it can be operated by seniors with a poor sight.

Key highlight: Large Screen

3. Magicon Senior Duo

This phone comes with possibly the simplest interface of all. While the phone hasn’t got much of entertainment options, the extra-large buttons and fonts is a big plus for the core functionalities. Also, the phone is quite rugged and can easily tolerate a few drops and even water spills, which makes it an ideal pick for seniors.

Key highlight: Rugged and utmost simple

4. iBall Aasaan 2

This device from iBall is one of the most popular phones of this category and can be easily purchased from any of the major online stores. The large font and buttons with dual language support makes it a breeze to type messages and maintain contacts while the dedicated keys for FM and volume add another layer of convenience. The phone also enables users to quickly access SOS, which is obviously a must for a phone of this category.

Key Highlight: Dual language support

5. Swingtel SW50 Plus

The most affordable device on the list, this is the ideal purchase if you are a buyer who prefers value for money. But the low-price tag doesn’t mean that the phone lacks any features. Beside the regular prerequisites like large buttons, SOS alert, long battery life, the phone also has a camera, FM, and expandable memory to house some entertainment options as well.

Key Highlight: Inexpensive