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New Samsung Leaks Suggest Consideration of Galaxy S9 Mini

The latest company leaks suggest that Samsung may surprise everyone with a Mini version of its flagship Galaxy S9 model.

samsung galaxy s9 mini

After so much being spoken and talked about the upcoming Samsung release, Galaxy S9, some of the latest leaks suggest that there may be a smaller surprise waiting for the users alongside S9 package. We are talking about a smaller version of the flagship model S9. The Mini S9 is expected to hit the market soon, as per the Samsung leaks.

Samsung has done this in the past with Galaxy participants including the Galaxy S5 Mini, S4 Mini, S III Mini and A-series Galaxy smartphones like A3 Mini. So, if the company plans to go with the same strategy, it won’t surprise many. However, it ditched the Mini scheme with Galaxy S7 and S8 as you could only go bigger with Galaxy S8 Plus and enterprise-focused handset with Note 8. And there was no option to opt for a smaller screened S8 handset.

Although the Galaxy A handsets sit in the mid-range price bracket, they fail to match the power of Galaxy S handsets. There is certainly room for inclusion of smaller devices that match the power and specifications of the Galaxy S handsets.

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So, will the scenario change and will Samsung offer a Mini version of the upcoming Galaxy S9? We have to wait and watch because earlier when S7 and S8 were released, their Mini versions were also rumored to see the light which never went into production.

With the company already set to mass produce the new Galaxy S9, it would keep viewers and anticipators on the edge looking for news about its smaller version launch. We’d rather expect it to happen as Samsung will then make something worth talking about and offer fierce competition to the Apple’s iPhone SE 2.

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